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A very important message about Wizard 101!

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.28 at 09:02
An email from the creators...

Hello Wizards!

Thank you for all of the feedback and bug submissions! Because we have received so much great feedback from our players, we are now ready to incorporate that feedback into the game and make some significant improvements. We will be making those game changes next week. In order to make these changes, we must permanently delete all Wizard characters from the game. Your account is still active and you will immediately be able to create a new Wizard character.

We are aware that our players have spent a considerable amount of time playing our game. Therefore, once you return to Wizard101 and create a new wizard, you will have the option to level up to Krokotopia (our second world) by simply completing a short quest. And as an added bonus, there will be a pet vendor in Golem Court giving away free pets. The ability to quickly move to Kroktopia and get a free pet will only be available in game for a short period of time though! We are making this available as a way for you to return to a point in the game close to where you were, so that if you desire, you can quickly go to the beginning of Krokotopia rather than start from the beginning of the game. However, if you desire, you can experience the new quests and other game changes we have made by starting over from the beginning.

Please check the forums, website, or your email on Monday to find out exactly when the characters will be deleted next week and when you can re-enter the game and level up to Krokotopia quickly.

We sincerely apologize if this causes you any inconvenience, but hope that you understand that we are conducting a live Beta, and these changes are necessary to improve the game as a result of your feedback. Thank you for playing Wizard101 and your continued support and feedback!

Thank you,
Fred Howard
V.P. of Marketing
KingsIsle Entertainment

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