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Wizard 101 is Open for Play!

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.08.29 at 20:26
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Sorry the community has been so dead. Hope all of those Beta players out there enjoyed the ride! Here's the latest announcement from KingsIsle:

Thank you everyone for your help during the beta test. We could not have done this without you.
Our final character wipe occurred this morning. The characters you make as of today will carry on into launch. Thank you for your patience and know that these characters will never be wiped, we promise. The game, with many new improvements, will launch soon! As a very special thank you to all beta test players, you will receive 600 crowns in your account (using your beta test username and password). You can use these crowns to purchase your limited edition "Pioneer Dragon" from Prospector Zeke in Olde Town during this final stage of Beta Test. You can also save these crowns to purchase items in the future. The Pioneer Dragons will only be available for purchase from Friday, August 29th until Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:00 a.m. Central Standard Time. So be sure to log in and get your Pioneer Dragon ASAP! You can see a picture of the Pioneer Dragon on our website! Many colors are available and he is dye-able!

We hope you will join the Wizard101 community to celebrate the game’s launch very soon and start a whole new adventure to save Wizard City!

Maybe once the game is fully released we'll see some more folks around here. :) But be sure to go get your Dragons!

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Another Write Up

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.28 at 09:19
Feeding Change: First Impressions: Wizard 101
Wizard 101 answers the question: What would happen if you put World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, any of the Final Fantasy games and the CCG of your choice (Yu Gi Oh will do) in a blender and set it to puree? (I don’t know about you, but I ask myself that question at least once a week.)

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A very important message about Wizard 101!

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.28 at 09:02
An email from the creators...

Hello Wizards!

Thank you for all of the feedback and bug submissions! Because we have received so much great feedback from our players, we are now ready to incorporate that feedback into the game and make some significant improvements. We will be making those game changes next week. In order to make these changes, we must permanently delete all Wizard characters from the game. Your account is still active and you will immediately be able to create a new Wizard character.

We are aware that our players have spent a considerable amount of time playing our game. Therefore, once you return to Wizard101 and create a new wizard, you will have the option to level up to Krokotopia (our second world) by simply completing a short quest. And as an added bonus, there will be a pet vendor in Golem Court giving away free pets. The ability to quickly move to Kroktopia and get a free pet will only be available in game for a short period of time though! We are making this available as a way for you to return to a point in the game close to where you were, so that if you desire, you can quickly go to the beginning of Krokotopia rather than start from the beginning of the game. However, if you desire, you can experience the new quests and other game changes we have made by starting over from the beginning.

Please check the forums, website, or your email on Monday to find out exactly when the characters will be deleted next week and when you can re-enter the game and level up to Krokotopia quickly.

We sincerely apologize if this causes you any inconvenience, but hope that you understand that we are conducting a live Beta, and these changes are necessary to improve the game as a result of your feedback. Thank you for playing Wizard101 and your continued support and feedback!

Thank you,
Fred Howard
V.P. of Marketing
KingsIsle Entertainment

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New Student Risu

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.15 at 10:15
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Ice, Ice Baby!Collapse )

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Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.07 at 09:08
If this is your first time at wizard_101, please be sure to post an introduction!

Include the following under a LJ-cut with "New Student (Insert Name)" in the Subject and "intros" in the Tags:

Wizard 101 Name:
Current Level:
Favorite Spell:
Least Favorite Spell:
Favorite Professor:
Least Favorite Professor:
Current Favorite Quest:
Current Least Favorite Quest:
Your Story: (this can be anything you have enjoyed or found frustrating or even your backstory as you imagine it!)
Anything Else: (and anything you want to add)
Picture: (screenshot of your character if you can)

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Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.07 at 07:52
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Need help? Check out these resources!

* Wizard 101 Forums: For professor and fellow student feedback on any imaginable topic.

* YouTube Combat Tutorial Video: For a visual on how combat works.

* Wizard 101 Customer Support: For login or account issues.

Or just comment and/or post here and ask!

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Wizard 101 Write Ups

Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.07 at 07:22
Here are the most current write ups about Wizard 101 from various gaming sites. I'll be sure to post any more as I find them and feel free to do so as well!

GamersHell.com: Wizard101 Announced and Screens/Movie
Wizard101 is an elaborate virtual world of wizardry in which magic and sorcery come to life in a quest that involves a massive cast of good, evil and frequently silly characters. Designed to fill the void between online play sites for the very young and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games with mature adult player interaction, Wizard101 puts players in the fantasy role of a Wizard apprentice at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.

GamesIndustry.biz: Wizard 101
"While the fantasy adventure storyline and collectible card elements of Wizard101 have broad appeal, as a parent I take the responsibility of creating a positive online environment for younger players very seriously," said KingsIsle CEO Elie Akilian.

Joystiq.com: KingsIsle Casting MMO Spell On Kiddos With Wizard101
Designed for the younger set in mind, the colorful game plays on such things as Harry Potter and CCGs by casting players in the role of a youngster at a wizarding school where spells and combat play out in turn-based fashion using collectible online cards.

Massively.com: Massively hands-on: Wizard101
Though this game is aimed at kids ("tweens" that are too old for the likes of Club Penguin but too young for their parents to feel comfortable letting them loose in Barrens chat), its turn-based combat system and trading card game elements may interest you, too.

TenTonHammer.com: Wizard101: A New MMOG
"This summer, you'll be able to play a new MMO called Wizard 101. Set inside the fictional Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, the game will feature traditional MMO gameplay, an in-world collectible-card game, and a host of mini-games that will remind you of arcade classics - but happen to be more fun."

WarCry.com: KingsIsle Announces New MMOG: Wizard101
This may be the first hardcore MMOG aimed at the "tween" demographic. Coleman admits, "It's not what people expect from the Shadowbane team," but adds that the game does feature PVP, a trademark of the pioneering work the same team did at Wolfpack Studios.

WorthPlaying.com: Wizard101 Announced - Screens & Trailer
"While the fantasy adventure storyline and collectible card elements of Wizard101 have broad appeal, as a parent I take the responsibility of creating a positive online environment for younger players very seriously," said KingsIsle CEO Elie Akilian. "Wizard101 is a destination for tweens and teens that's creative and witty, but still safe. We've set the bar high for this game."

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Posted by cigamerisedi on 2008.06.04 at 20:02
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If you have found your way here, then you must just be crazy enough to know about and enjoy Kingsisle Entertainment's game Wizard 101! Don't know about it? Well be sure to head over to the site and read up. Try signing up for the free Beta while you're at it!

This community is mainly a place to introduce yourself to other users, share your adventures, and share any breaking news. Feel free to also share game tips and request groups for instances. But please keep in mind the age range for the game and keep your posts kid-friendly. We're all here to have fun!